Monday, September 15, 2008

Having the right tool for the job

As I wrote before, in the past several weeks I've been looking for a job. Since I have quite a lot of experience (at least I'd like to believe so) in several IT fields (SysAdmin, DBA, developer, management and so on), I decided it'll be nice to add something extra to my resume, and find a job which involves stuff which previously were my hobbies (developing was and still a hobby). This lead me to find a job in the security field. In my new job I'm responsible of both research (which is very important for me) and development of complamentry tools.

I guess that the research part would influence my blog in the future, since finding new and exciting stuff is a good reason to blog. This is why now I'll concentrate on the development part.
Developing software in my group is quite a versatile task. This is due to the fact that every tool developed, has to be very oriented to it's purpose, and most tools won't be used outside my group (though some tools does). The meaning of all this is that I get to choose how to develop each solution. If Python's quick modeling ability is required - Python it is. If it's Perl's regular expression power - Perl it is. Heavy lifting? - .NET or Java would do.

Just as the research part of my job involves me using the right security tools (sandboxes, forensic tools, decompilers etc.), so does the development part. This lead me to look for a good place for resources and Q&A, so I could complete my programming tasks faster. As I wrote before about stackoverflow, this is the right tool for the job. It think it'll grow very rapidly, and would be a great place for a great community to develop.

Last, what facinated me most, is the fact I didn't have to register to stackoverflow. I'm already registered via the same account from which I blog right now. That's right - stackoverflow uses OpenID, so I feel safer and there's one password less to remember. Great work.

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