Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Blog Day

There aren't many anniversaries I celebrate. When it's work-related, I think the only one I care to mention every year is SysAdmin Day. This year, I decided it'll be nice to mention the Blog Day.

The "celebration" instructions are pretty simple: tell your blog visitors about at least 5 blogs you read, so bloggers could get to know each other better. Following is the list I compiled. I'll try it'll be as novel as possible, as I guess most of my blog readers are already familiar with most of the stuff I read (since we have same interests and we are part of the same planet).

  • SysAdmin Tales. Been a sysadmin myself for quite a long time, I know most of the frustrations told about in this blog. Very recommended.
  • Paul Graham Essays. This one is recommended even if one doesn't plan to start a start-up company, as it contains many insights and things to think about when it comes to the software industry.
  • StackoverFlow. This blog was created by Joel Spolsky (joel on software) and Jeff Atwood (coding horror), as part of a common project they started: StackOverflow. I guess most people are familiar with these two blog's (Jeff is making a living from his blog), but stackoverflow adds even some more insights about the creation of computer software, building a commercial web site, starting a company etc. Although this is mainly a podcast, one doesn't have to listen to it, since there are transcripts available.
  • xkcd. Funny (if you're a mathematician or computer scientist). Period.
  • The last one is not a blog (although you can RSS it), but rather a share of Yevgeny's favorite blog posts (via his Google Reader). I think this is the best way to get to know new stuff: becoming a "subscriber" for stuff that somebody else has already filtered for you. Yevgeny is doing good job at this.

Most interestingly, this post made me go through my Google Reader reading list, and made me realize there are many blogs I hadn't been reading for quite a while. Perhaps I should clean it up a little.

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