Monday, August 25, 2008


Not very long ago I started looking for a job. The searching->finding->getting-interviewed loop, exhausts itself quickly. Since I'm not used to looking for jobs, and I wasn't sure in which particular field I want to work, I decided it'll be a good idea to mass-send my CV. Mass-sending means more than a dozen companies receives your CV in the same time, and then you expect a blitz of phone calls from them.

Among others, I sent my CV to Microsoft (their new R&D center), as I heard so many good things about working there. At this stage, no phone call was made by MS. Few days later, via an alternate route, my CV reached MS the second time. This route probably had higher priority, as I got a phone call the day after. This phone call lead to a series of very interesting (and difficult) interviews, which ended with a job offer. In the mean while (about after the first interview) I got this mail:
Thank you for sending us your CV.

While we are very impressed with your skills and qualifications, we regret to inform you that we don’t have a suitable position for you at the moment.

We will keep your resume on file for any opportunity that may come up in the future.

This mail was regarding the first time I sent them my CV.

So what we have? Me sending my CV to the same place twice. While the second time got me interviewed, the first one got me (a gentle) "we don't want you" letter. More important, these events happened in parallel. How does this makes sense? Different recruiters (small department so small chance)? Does getting your CV via different persons gets different attitude? Perhaps, but that doesn't sound good. So it must be some kind of schizophrenia...

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  1. Talking about contradictions, today I've an email to everyone in the department, Schahar replied to it and then sent another reply saying something about his first reply.
    The second mail arrived before the first one...