Saturday, September 6, 2008

Great music service

The first time I heard of Pandora, was few years ago, when it was still accessible to users outside the US. I used it for some time, and stopped using it when it stopped "choosing" music I like. The concept of listening to music on-line is something I like since it's a very convenient way to discover new music, or have your music wherever you are (assuming you have an internet-connected PC).

About a year ago, a friend told me about deezer. Ever since, I'm using it regularly. It works pretty well, has huge database of songs, sound quality is good and it has nice features. Every once in a while I find myself looking for some old songs that there's no way I'd find in other places, and then I sit back and listen to it... that's fun. You should all try it. Opening an account would allow you to store playlists and enjoy several more features.

A nice feature of deezer allows me to play to the song I was listening to when writing this post, so you could enjoy it as well:

Discover Extreme!

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