Sunday, November 21, 2010

Switching ISP

So finally, after I complained about this topic over and over again, I finally switched from 012 to 018 as my ISP.

Few hours now, and I'm happy. I tried various protocols over various ports, and all seems to work perfectly well. And the price is better, too.

Just a minor thing that I also mentioned to their tech support: their site doesn't provide the configuration details needed in order to set-up the connection alone. Thanks to this guy I found this missing piece of information, which was the L2TP gateway:

Hope this would help to all of you who wish to make the switch.

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  1. I've recently upgraded to 12Mbps over cables, and the ISP I chose is CCC - I'm quite satisfied with them, and don't think anybody beats their prices, without any obligating contracts:

    I did have to call their tech support to set up the connection, since they also don't have all the setup info on their site.