Friday, April 10, 2009

ISP traffic shaping - cont.

Thought it might be a good idea to update you regarding latest developments and research results since the previous post.

I've been trying the 1.9 beta of uTorrent (available for Windows, runs perfectly under Wine on Linux), since I heard it supports uTP. The reason uTP is important, is because it is believed that ISPs aren't "shaping" this sort of traffic. The experiment seems to be progressing well, as download speeds increased, but still not perfect - not everyone uses uTP-enabled torrent client. But still, now my computer downloads from other computers accross the world, at high speeds, using the new protocol.

So there are few problems which still keeps me from getting my full bendwidth:
  1. No open-source implementation of the protocol - slower adoptation.
  2. Few closed clients are implementing the protocol, and are still in beta - slower adoptation.
  3. ISP still "shapes" other protocols. Annoying.
  4. Future problem: will the ISP "shape" uTP?
Happy passover.

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