Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remote control Ubuntu and Hebrew

I guess most of you already know the ability to turn on the "remote desktop" feature in Ubuntu, which basically allows you to remote control the desktop using the VNC protocol (Ubuntu/Gnome uses vino-server for that).

Some people, including me, are used to have problems when it comes to keyboard layout switching using this configuration. This means that under some circumstances (especially when remote controlling using Windows), you cannot switch between keyboard layouts, and thus cannot type in Hebrew or other languages.

Most solutions on the net include modifying some configuration files manually. Since I'm always looking for cleaner solutions, I continued digging, and found out that using the latest UltraVNC client solved this issue. You can use it and switch keyboard layouts freely.

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  1. So how does the Ubuntu management app work in comparison to some third party remote control software programs? I always found Windows offering to be absolutely unworkable, and since I am considering switching to Ubuntu for my new laptop, I would be interested in hearing how this works (I never even knew they offered one!)