Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Becoming number 1

Recently I stumbled upon this great lecture by Joel Spolsky.

There's a part at the beginning where he demonstrates how Windows behaves when he wants to upload a picture taken using a digital camera to the web. This is very much true, and us, computer people, can know that only by seeing somebody else having this bad experience. In my case, all I have to do is see what my mom succeeds in doing alone, and in what actions she fails and require my help.
Every now and than I consider moving her from the much-giving-trouble XP she uses now, to a different environment, which would support her better, and make my life easier. Problem is no matter which move it'll be (except than a newer Windows), it'll force her to give up on IE, which is still required every now and than by some Israeli web sites she visits.

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