Friday, September 11, 2009

Heating up

Since I have a special place in my heart to Oracle and its products, I thought I'd share with you an ad Oracle has published today. This as is supposed to make Sun customers feel better after Sun was purchased by Oracle.

I didn't see that coming, an ad which directly challenges IBM to compete with Oracle. Also, Ellison's confidence is admirable. Looking forward to see how it evolves.


  1. הי משה,
    אם פיספסת, בשבוע שעבר היתה הכרזה עצומה לגבי סאן ואורקל:

  2. Ofir - thanks. I didn't miss it. But your post shed quite a lot of light.

  3. great...
    I will see a few of these babies in Oracle OpenWorld in a couple of weeks - so I'll have the opportunity to get better impression on these absurd performance numbers... For now it seems "too good to be true" :)