Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How many options is enough?

Ways to see a divx movie on your TV:
  • run cables from the computer to the TV.
  • buy a divx-capable dvd player, and burn the movie.
  • ... or buy one with a USB slot.
  • use a laptop connected to the TV.
  • buy/build HTPC.
  • buy a steamer.
  • use a gaming console (playstation, xbox, etc.).
  • buy a TV which is capable of playing divx movies which are loaded on SD cards or some USB device.
  • buy a divx-capable protable dvd player.
  • IPod?
  • use multimedia-enable mobile phone, such as Nokia's N95.
  • convert to movie to another format and play with appropriate device (e.g old-fashioned dvd player).
I guess I might have forgotten some options, but you got the point.
Maybe next time: how to play your MP3 files everywhere.

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