Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Professional blogging

Today I've published my first blog post in my new work place. Hip Hip Hooray. Previous posts in that blog are quite interesting, and are a recommended reading.

While creating that post, I've learned a few lessons about professional blogging, which means blogging which also has a marketing agenda. This post went through 4 other people which perfected it to the result you see. Every word counts, every thing or ability which is exposed is considered carefully and the entire "story" told is kept clear and simple. There's a dedicated person who's job is to turn my English to the one you read in that post (and other company documents).

Needless to say it's quite different from my ordinary blogging, which now is a bit influenced by that, but previously was constructed from idea->write->spellcheck->publish. Also, having a team blog insures there will be a bigger range of topics, and the blog will be updated more regularly.

Finally, for my concerned readers, I'm not going to stop this blog. I love and I'm gonna keep writing about various technological topics, as always. So see you later, and have fun reading.


  1. damn, that is quite a mess.
    Luckily for me, in my work we just write whatever we fill like and publish it without asking permission... but this is a local blog in Hebrew, so corporate couldn't even read it :)
    Anyway, may I ask how far is the final text from your original one? It starts with discussion of complex password, switches to a cool demonstration of how password-stealing is communicated, and suddenly switches to some generic security best practices (lost the personal touch there, so I stopped reading there).
    Anyway, the middle part is very cool, I think you should write some more about it - technical examples of how are we being attacked

  2. Thanks Ofir.
    I'll try writing about the topics you suggested.
    Also, the final text is quite far from the original one.