Friday, October 24, 2008


No post for quite a while. This time the excuses are work, study and a trip to London.
You want proof for the last one? Take a look here.

Some insights I have about this city:
  • Best public transportation in the world.
  • Great beer.
  • Great tea.
  • Sometimes the lines to buy a ticket for a show/play/etc. are big. Go and buy the ticket in the small stands spread around the city.
  • Get some Thai food in Thai Square.
  • Don't be cheap about the hotel.
  • More museums that you'll have care to see (the Tea&Coffee Museum is closed though).
  • Visit Trocadero - a huge arcade games place.
  • Visit Hamley's - a giant toy store.
  • The London Eye does look best at sunset.
  • Prepare to walk a lot.
  • No public access Wi-Fi. :(
  • Palaces are boring. Visit a football stadium.
  • Finally (only people who actually been in London would laugh at this): Mind the gap!
Of course the list could go on and on...

Stay tuned for the next post, which would probably be technological.

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