Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two short topics

Topic 1
Have a look at this new browser. Still not sure whether I should call this innovation or blasphemy. Perhaps it'll be good for web site developers running Windows. One thing is for sure: More browser engines, more vulnerabilities.

Topic 2
Remember me getting pissed off at Windows automatic update mechanism? Well, it gets worse. Did you know it might auto-reboot the PC? Even if the PC did something important at that time. After the successful reboot, Windows pops-up a balloon saying the patches were successfully installed and the machine was rebooted. Gee, thanks.


  1. אני לא מבין למה אתה לא מגדיר שהוא רק יוריד אוטומטית, ולא יתקין אוטומטית?

  2. Windows auto-update only reboots the system when there are no users connected, presumably under the assumption that anything important would be done under a user account.

    Actually, I wish there was a way to tell aptitude to do the same (reboot after updating the kernel, if no users are connected, and it was invoked with -y). The fact that it doesn't means you can't just leave a Debian system to chug along and update itself, you must go holding its hand every once in a while.

  3. I must admit this Lunascape stuff sounds exciting, many times I start switching browsers to find the one that works...