Saturday, December 18, 2010

A burnt fuse

Last week's storm has caused more than a few damages around the country. I saw in the news that some people's cars got smashed by trees, and other people's houses got flooded.

For me, the damage was smaller: My subwoofer died. Or so I thought.
Even though my important power outlets are protected with lightning (electricity peaks) protectors, my subwoofer got damaged after a few hours in which the electricity in my home was unstable.

So I thought "here goes an expensive subwoofer". But I was wrong. A few friends brought to my attention that it is most likely that the subwoofer has a burnt fuse, and insisted that I can replace it by myself. So I tried.

Want to know how? Simple. Have a look at this picture. You can see that straight under the power socket, there's a small plastic box which contains a fuse. It comes out easily, with the assistance of a screwdriver, and apparently contains a spare fuse. Would you believe it? A spare fuse?

Amazing. It was up and running in a minute.
For the next time there's gonna be a stormy weather in our little country, I'm going to disconnect that subwoofer.

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