Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuff that annoyed me this week

I know it's not nice to write a blog post which is full of complaints, but every once in a while we all need to take out some steam. So no long prolog needed:
  1. I simply hate the Windows Vista/Seven shutdown menu. At least once a week I put my computer into sleep instead of rebooting, or vice versa. Other variations occur as well. What were they thinking?
  2. In the previous post I mentioned the fact that upgrading isn't always good, and some trouble might occur, even if the newer version is considered "stable". In my life and work I get to use every OS out there, and that includes Windows XP and Windows 7. A few weeks ago both of them got an upgraded NVidia driver. Grrr. After days of irregular blue screens I was able to trace the issue to the drivers, and revert them to a previous version (thanks, Driver Sweeper). BTW, instead of trying to figure out Windows' minidump (those files created after a BSOD), I found a great tool called WhoCrashed. I get to use WinDBG too much in my work, so not having to use it at home in order to parse those minidumps was really nice.
  3. What's with the electric power stability in my living area? I think that about once or twice a week there's a power outage. Some parts of my house are already protected by power stabilizers, I guess now is the time to protect the rest.
Epilog: I just ordered a kick ass 50" FullHD screen. It should arrive sometime next week. It should fit well with some of the equipment I already have in my living room. So the finale of this post is happy. :)