Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Issues with Transmission and PopcornHour

Not a long time ago I've upgraded my PCH A110 firmware to the latest version. Also, I've upgraded the Transmission (bittorrent) client to version 1.91 (and later on to 1.92). Ever since those upgrades, I had issues with torrents: every few hours or so the Transmission client decided it should "verify" the torrent and the downloaded data. This process consumes a considerable amount of time, which slows down torrents download time to crawl.

The best solution I found so far was to downgrade the Transmission client back to version 1.76 using the NMT CSI. Now everything works perfectly, thought the new feature of 1.9X are missing.

Just like every other piece of software: upgrade doesn't mean you're getting a better product. Sometime it means you're part of the testing of the newer version. Nonetheless, I'd be happy to install the next version when it comes out.

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