Friday, December 26, 2008

Why not every law is treated as such

I think it is a well known fact that people (especially in my country) choose which laws to obey. The other laws aren't mandatory, but only nice-to-obey. It can be seen when driving in our roads: Laws which involve life-saving, such as red-light, are always obeyed (even at 3:00AM), while no triple-parking in the middle of the day aren't.
Few hours ago I sat in a pub which I used to like, which like any other pub here, is considered a public place, and thus "no smoking" law applies. Breaking this law means that both the smoker and the owner of the pub would pay a fine. Probably since it's only money, and since no one would force this law, nobody cared. Most of the people around us smoked without interference. Actually, we were the minority of non-smokers.
I really hate the smell of smoke that sticks to your cloths and the fact it sometimes stings in the eyes, so now I like this place less than before (in case you wonder - Dublin pub in Herzlia). I guess I won't go there in the near future.

In a totally different topic - I happen to have a private flight lesson pre-paid which I have no intention to use. If any of my readers in Israel care to have a flight lesson (it is allowed to bring a spouse on board), I'm willing to sell it for half of it's original price. Leave a reply if you're interested, and we'll find a way to get in touch.


  1. Another aspect is that new laws and regulation are being created all the time, and old laws just pile up and are rarely repealed (stuff like that). As a result, the ordinary citizen has little chance of knowing them all and can almost always be found in breach of some obscure law, whatever he does.

  2. Gotta agree with you about the smoking (hey, I was there too), it might have annoyed me less since I set deeper inside, but my clothes still stink...

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  4. As i said in previous posts about the issue.

    Until you don't do some thing drastic it won't change.
    yes i know may be spitting in the face to a smoker (never done it yet ) or making fun on the smoker (did it ) voacaly attacing person (did it ) isn't the best but hei it works ...