Monday, December 1, 2008

Second impressions from openSUSE

As I wrote before, I decided it's a good time to give other Linux distros a shot. Since the laptop which I first installed openSUSE on died (damn WiFi freezes on the BIOS POST), and my g/f is currently using my workstation's Ubuntu installation, I decided it'll be best to start using openSUSE on VirtualBox, and if I like it, dedicate the physical partition.

Once again, the installation went without a hitch. All works fine right after the first boot, no special drivers required. As this is the latest VirtualBox (2.0.6), the version on the tools (or additions) for it didn't work as expected, so compiling from source is required.
First problem. After reading tons of forums, debugging and such - still nothing. Never mind.

While doing that, I noticed Alt+Tab worked only half of the time. First time I see such a thing, but a quick search on the net shows it's a known issue, and that upgrading to KDE 4.1 would do the trick. OK.

So now I'm upgrading the distro (zypper dist-upgrade or via YaST). On the laptop, I remember this used to hang every once in a while, until I press "retry". It seems this happens in the VM as well. Guess I have to change the default mirrors or something. But I just lost the will to do so.

At least YaST left a very good impression.

Fedora's torrent is now downloading, so it'll be my next "experiment". I'm really looking forward to try it.

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