Monday, October 1, 2007

Something's missing

I'm a proud Ubuntu user. I've been using Ubuntu Linux for 2 years now (since breezy). In those 2 years I managed to switch from KDE (Kubuntu) to GNOME, to try every version of every composition manager (compiz and beryl), replace at least 5 media players and 4 image viewers and much much more. I must say I am very pleased, Ubuntu is an excellent Linux distribution which changed to way I look at Linux.
But something is missing. Lately I feel I'm looking for something in my OS which I'm not sure what it is. Before installing Ubuntu, I was a proud (and a target for colleagues laughter) Slackware user. I used Slackware about 4 years, and I switched because I wanted my computer to work for me, and not the opposite. Now it struck me, and I know what's missing. I want to be in control over my system, I want to compile my applications and solve technical issues that arise when they don't compile. I want to change applications to fit my taste.
But then again, I don't want to be the slave of my computer. I want to have the flexibility when I need it, and to stay stupid the rest of the time. I want my computer to be both stable and my testing environment. I want it to be both fast but without any modifications on my behalf.
Maybe it's time for a different distro. Maybe it's time to start using Ubuntu's test releases.
Oh, one more thing. I already tried to run multiple distros using virtual machines - it's just not that.
I think I'll stick with Ubuntu at least 'till gutsy arrives, and then I'll decide.

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  1. What eventually happened was that I upgraded my Ubuntu to gutsy beta. Since it is beta, I encountered many issues, such as network not working, graphic card issues etc.
    solved them all. now I'm happy. and I learned many new things, such as OpenDNS...