Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Recently I decided it's a good idea to try LFS. My goal was to teach myself about the way my OS works, how to compile an OS, the difference between distributions and to further understand the system initialization process. Also, I was quite bored (the universities in Israel strikes again). Since I care a lot about my own PC, I decided it'll be a good idea to try VirtualBox for the experiment. Since I'm a great VMWare fan, I have high expectations from my virtual machines. VirtualBox matched my expectations and even managed to surprise me. It works really fast, thanks to the trick they did with ring 1, performance is almost native.

As for the main issue, LFS is really not what I thought it was. The build is straight forward, and much less complicated than I thought it would be. Of course I didn't succeed the first time, and I got into trouble related to building gettext which uses the curses libraries. Never mind, the second build would be better...

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