Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes IE/FF renders fine, and Chrome doesn't

Twitter style post (125 characters, not including this header):

After two hours of head banging on a bug in my HTML/CSS being rendered differently in Chrome, it appears it was a Chrome bug.


  1. And the bug is...

  2. Sorry, the 140 chars limitation (which I forced on myself) didn't allow me to elaborate.

    Anyway, the vertical-tabs plugin for jquery:
    rendered the tabs and the content "overlapping", even thought they should be floating one next to each other. This was introduced in version 8 of Chrome, and solved in version 9.

  3. the scary part is that sometimes 3 webkit based browsers render 3 different things on the screen even though they all linked to the same webkit library (or so it seems).

  4. idkn, you're correct. Testing one Webkit based browser isn't sufficient to cover them all. They're probably using different versions and do some manipulation prior to the actual rendering.