Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ask Me, But cc:everybody

Every now and then one of my friends asks me a question which I'd prefer to respond to publicly. What does that mean? It means I think that others could benefit from the answer to the question as well.

Up until now there were several ways to do so:
  1. Answer the question in private, and answer it again every time someone else would ask it.
  2. Write the entire question and answer story in this blog.
  3. Use some service such as Google Buzz for the entire conversation.
None of these solutions really fits the need. Now, a friend of mine created this simple, yet brilliant, application, called CC:Everybody.

The idea is simple: you can send me an email to Mosh at, and if I choose to reply to it, the answer appears publicly in the site. Also, I can publish mails I already have in my mailbox to CC:Everybody without that first step.

There's a short video on the site which explains exactly how this service works.
So now, if any of you guys want to ask me again why do I think Mercurial is better than SVN, you're welcome, just remember to address my CCEverybody account.


  1. This idea sounds interesting. How do I join this service?

  2. Tomer,

    This is actually very simple, you need to address the auther:
    (there's his cceverybody mailbox).

    Keep in mind that this service is very much in Beta and I'm not sure on which basis they send invitations.