Monday, December 14, 2009

Adium failing to connect to GTalk solved

Every once in a while a different IM client is giving me a hard time to connect to the Google Talk service. Empathy, Pidgin, Adium, you-name-it.

For all other services, an upgrade, or re-adding the account solves the issue. With Adium, this seems to be consistent.
Not anymore.

In order to have Adium connect to GTalk correctly, open the account preferences, and in the "options" tab, change the port to 80 (the default is 5222). Leave none of the check boxes checked. And that's it. Adium now connects to GTalk perfectly.


  1. What is your ISP?
    I have reason to believe that Netvision are blocking port 5222. I have been bugging them for over a month, finally switched to Bezeq-init.

  2. It might not surprise you, but I'm subscribed to 012. I've written in this blog before about them doing traffic shaping, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they block 5222.
    The question is: do you think that if I'll call them and tell them I have an issue with this port, they'll remove the shaping from my account?