Monday, July 20, 2009

Why reboot, why?

My goal for last Sunday was: be able to talk in Skype and/or other VoIP clients without being "cabled" to my PC. Connecting my Nokia N95 wireless-ly will be a bonus.

So I bought a Bluetooth adapter, and decided to use the BT headset I used with my cell phone. Compare the installation process between different OSes:

Windows: Connected BT adapter. Windows driver automatically installed. Added BT software. Reboot. Upgraded BT software. Reboot. Paired BT headset. Launched Skype. Skype BT add-on installed. Reboot. Upgraded Nokia PC Suite. Reboot. Everything works.

OS X: Connected BT adapter. Paired BT headset. Launched Skype. Installed Nokia Mac software. Paired Nokia. Everything works.

All of those reboots took me a lot of time, so I didn't manage yet to test it on Linux. Rumor says I'll need some special software like in Windows (making the BT headset function as an audio I/O device), so I might update about it when done. Even though, I don't expect any reboots to take place.

Why on earth did I have to reboot that much?


  1. Hello,
    I would appreciate it you will detail your experience with Linux regarding
    BT and your phone. Also I would appreciate if you will detail the model of the BT adapter + link (as I aslo intend to buy such adapter) and where did you get it.

  2. Sure Rafi,
    I bought a CSR based BT adapter, which is supposed to be class 1 with 100m range.
    You can find something similar here:

    The Linux distro I'm using is a 64bit Ubuntu 9.04. Unfortunately, bluesoleil's driver doesn't work with 64bit, so I'm kinda stuck. So far the experience isn't fun. If I'll manage to get it working, I'll write a post about it.