Saturday, May 24, 2008

OpenDocument for University

Let me begin with good news, especially for myself: I'm done with university exams. Recently finished the last exams towards the M.SC, and now I feel the freedom back in my life. And since we talk about freedom, why not discuss free software?
Even though there are no more exams, there is this tiny little thing called "final project". As i might have mentioned before, it has something to do with email spam. Although it's quite late to start working on the project at this time of the academic year, I'm quite optimistic I'll manage to finish it on time. In the mean while, my partner and I are discussing with our project client (which is a Prof. in the department) about the contents of the project, in order to assemble a PDR which is agreed on everybody. Since we are good students for computer science, we'd picked the right tools for the job: OpenOffice writer and OpenOffice draw. This is not the first time we deliver documents in ODT format, but it is certainly the most comprehensive usage done. This perhaps won't sound as a big thing, but at our university, it is. I don't know much lecturers the would support these formats. Most still use MS Office, and might even force students to work with it as well. My intent is to base the entire project development with FLOSS, and become an evangelist in our department.
My original thought was way to advanced for our project mentor: we would do the entire research part of the project, and major parts of the development, and the community would assist us developing the rest of the project. This way, the final product would be far more polished and could be ready for real world use (as well as academia). I thought this could work, as I saw it worked for GNOME Do. But our mentor said he couldn't be sure we would do our part. I don't think he ever heard of Launchpad or Sourceforge for project management and tracking. Shame. Well, perhaps we cannot be too evangelist.
But we did make one small step for men.

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