Thursday, April 24, 2008

The smell of something new

You know when buy something which comes wrapped, and you tear the wrappings off, there's a nice smell of something new. Well, I got to smell that two days ago. I bought a new PC. This is the spec:
  • E8400 CPU (Dual Core, 3GHz)
  • Asus motherboard, based on Intel's G35 chipset
  • 2 Gigs RAM (800 MHz)
  • Western Digital 320GB HD (SATA 2, 16MB cache)
  • Nidia 8800GT based graphics card
  • The rest of the stuff you put in a PC
  • 20" LCD
Now I can play The Witcher, NWN2 and other games using their maximum settings. That's fun.
Also, installed 64bit Ubuntu 8.04. The new Ubuntu really rocks. Solid, fast and cool.
It took me some time to decide where to buy the new PC (or PC parts). After a long survey, I bought it on KSP. The decision was rather difficult for me, as I personally built my previous 2 PCs. Today I saw this post regarding Ivory (important: read the comments and follow-ups), and I'm more than glad I didn't go there. How rude can someone be, especially when your job is to give service. When my work included service-giving, it never crossed my mind to act like that.

Back to the fun part. Now I have 2 PCs, a laptop and some other WiFi enabled devices, so it was time to setup up a WiFi router. Bought an Edimax router. The setup was very easy, including WPA2 encryption (actually the encryption is AES in WPA2). The firewall and NAT were a bit tricky, but 10 more minutes and all was up and running. Now I have gazillion devices that all require electric power in the same room, so it's time to buy a little power-plant.


  1. תתחדש!

    כשאני עשיתי סקר שוק בין החנויות השונות, חיפשתי באינטרנט המלצות. אין. על כל חברה יש רק השמצות. מה שדי הגיוני, כי כשהכל בסדר - אף אחד לא טורח לספר לכולם...

    מה ששכנע אתי לא לקנות שם היה שכשישבתי שם הם יצאו מגדרם לסגור מכירה. לא עזרו הסברי שרק באתי לעשות סקר שוק, השוואת מחירים...
    הנחות, מתנות, מבצעים... רק תקנה כאן ועכשיו.
    לא היה לרוחי... נתן לי הרגשה שהם משקיעים במקומות הלא נכונים.

    חג שמח ומועדים לשמחה!

  2. So now there's at least one good review about KSP (and I saw some more), so not everything on the net is bad.