Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Personal favorites

Recently I found out about Coding Horror. Since I enjoy reading it very much, I gathered some of my personal favorites, with some comments:

  • The Two Types of Programmers - What did you do to make the programmers (and other computer-related folks) you know, closer to the 20%? I know I'm always trying to show everyone why it would be good for them to become experts, and to put the extra effort. Is it working? sometimes yes and sometimes no.
  • Pair Programming vs. Code Reviews - We have very little in-house development compared to the amounts talked about in this post, but still, we use (unknowingly) a mixed method - some peer review (pair programming) and some code review. The peer review is much more enjoyable and educational, though sometimes more time-consuming.
  • Don't Forget To Lock Your Computer - At our office we do this all the time. Sometimes humiliating the person forgetting to lock the computer. However, I was surprised to see that the tricks remain the same.
  • Hardware Assisted Brute Force Attacks: Still For Dummies - I knew this would come one day. And still, I like the idea very much.

I recommend taking a spare hour and read those posts. All very interesting. Better, I recommend subscribing to the Coding Horror, as there is much more to read.

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